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Mindy Ashford

Behavior Support Specialist

Mindy has ten years experience teaching elementary and middle school in the general education and special education classrooms. She is passionate about working with individuals with special needs and considers it an honor and a privilege to serve their families. Her experience spans several local elementary and middle schools and includes students with severe behavior disorders, autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disabilities, mild mental disabilities and other health impairments such as ADHD.

Teaching general education and special education in the resource, collaborative, and self-contained settings has prepared Mindy to work with individuals with a variety of needs and differences. She loves to witness successes that may appear small but are monumental to her families and their daily lives. Mindy also loves to learn and never turns down an opportunity to develop her skills.

Mindy loves to spend time with Steven, her husband of 20 years, and their 2 sons; Aaron (14) and David (11). In her spare time she enjoys to read and crochet with her dog, Hunter, snuggled at her feet.

Mindy has a BA in Elementary Education (K-5) and Learning/Behavior Disorders (P-12) from Bellarmine University; MS Elementary Education from Indiana University; Rank 1 Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Louisville


Bachelor of Arts


Master of Science