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Behavior Programming

Behavior Programming (BP) is provided to adults with Acquired Brain Injury. BP utilizes an informal functional assessment to develop a positive behavior support plan that identifies functions of behavior disorders and environmental strategies to reduce significant problem behavior. The severity of challenging behaviors typically causes interference with a participant’s activities of daily living, social interaction, or vocation. The positive behavior support plan will be trained with the individual learner (if appropriate), all primary caregivers, and staff. These evidence-based strategies guide caretakers through the process of developing alternative replacement skills through natural environment teaching procedures. Caretakers learn new strategies for how to respond when challenging behaviors occur, thereby reducing the frequency of problem behaviors.

How We Achieve This

BP services assist individuals by providing the minimum amount of services necessary to obtain the highest level of personal growth, improvement, and independence. CBA’s values are based on a quality of service, person-centered principles, and evidence-based intervention. We approach services for each person in the context of their own lives and assist them in attaining a life they value, not what others value or “think” is valuable for them, allowing us to address the individual’s wants and needs immediately. We ensure that any attempt to improve behavior must also include protection of that person’s constitutional, statutory, and human rights. We administer positive behavior change strategies that improve the quality of life for the individual and their families, incorporating gentle actions that absolutely minimize the need for any restrictive, punitive, or physical interventions.

Behavior programming services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).