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Center for Behavior Analysis & Autism Therapy

Keith Hersh, MS, BCBA, LBA

Center for Behavior Analysis & Individualized-ABA, Indiana’s Premier Center For Autism Founder & Clinical Director explains the evolution of ABA and where it’s going over the next decade…

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Across the nation, high levels of family demand exist for quality behavior analysis & therapy services, especially for individuals experiencing autism. The CDC recently released one new study indicating rates of autism continue to trend upward (1:40) suggesting more & more children could be diagnosed with autism. Given that a very low supply of qualified (ABA) professionals exist across Kentuckiana (ie, less than 300 in KY @bacb.com), you will likely have to wait or be placed on a waiting list so it is ideal to do that and stay in touch with potential providers frequently. There are only a few hundred professionals who can render these complex services with fidelity. Therefore, it isn’t “new” news that many families struggle finding:

(1) Funding for (ABA) services.

(2) Qualified providers… 

(3) Caretaker & parent time necessary to dedicate to the program’s intensity, parent training and natural environment teaching elements typically required for ongoing program participation.

THE CENTER FOR BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS is reviewing requests for participation in the three programs listed below.

(1) Very Intensive Autism & Behavior Intervention Program (30+ hrs. a week):

This very intensive program includes individualized assessment, treatment plan and programming designed specifically for the learner’s needs, designed from a full assessment, teaching relevant skills from an appropriate curricula for the age and circumstance of the learner. 

(2) Intensive Autism & Behavior Intervention Program (15-29+ hrs. a week): 

This intensive program includes individualized assessment, treatment plan and programming designed specifically for the learner’s needs, designed from a full assessment, teaching relevant skills from an appropriate curricula for the age and circumstance of the learner.

(3) Consultative Autism & Behavior Intervention Program (less than 15 hrs. a week):

This consultative program includes individualized assessment and program design around the families top priorities. Consultative services typically include 100% participation from caretakers learning RAPID Skills Training (RST) for parents, teachers and others’ who care for your loved one frequently. 

Click here or click on image below to request a services review/complimentary screening:

Complimentary Screening

We will be updating and informing everyone through this website regarding the autism & behavior intervention programs available at the Center for Behavior Analysis & Individualized-ABA, subscribe for more info.

Please hang tight, thank you for your patience!

Therefore, (1) Very Intensive, (2) Intensive & (3) Consultative Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & autism programs for qualified students, clients, and participants of all ages are based on (a) available funding & (b) assessment recommendations for treatment, intervention or environmental arrangement. Ultimately, high-quality services are provided to individuals and their families based on the most appropriate approach. Other factors like individual assessment results, testing outcomes & treatment recommendations as well as approved, pre-authorized or verified payment plan arrangement for selected programs. All of these factors together help determine the full design of an individualized, effective and do-able treatment plan. All of these factors are assessed with you (1:1) by a professional, during the screening to determine feasibility, integrity, and overall prognosis. Before services are offered, we will ensure that you and your family will cooperate, comply and participate in the prescribed intervention program and we reserve the right to discontinue, delay or pause any component of services.

Complimentary screening & autism service requests are performed online (click here –> here)

Submitting, scheduling and/or completing a screening does not guarantee services will be provided in any way whatsoever. We may provide alternative service options for you if our services cannot be offered at that time, or placement on a call-back list is recommended. Finally, community-based (in-home) services are offered through a separate program, see the “services” tab on the home page to explore various options and submit a complimentary screening if interested in learning more about Community-Based Behavior Support Services (BSS), Direct Support (DSP) & Counseling Services.

Contact us to get more information about our autism & behavior intervention programs, fill out the waiting list request form to be considered for our Center for Behavior Analysis waiting list or submit a complimentary screening request today! Check back with us often. If we do not contact you within 3-4 weeks just check back with us to avoid any inconvenience. Due to limited availability, submitting forms, emails, phone calls and/or any contact to participate in any program does not in any way guarantee placement in any program. 

Want to learn more about Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and parent and caretaker coaching & training?

Click the video link below from the BACB!

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RAPID Skills Training | RST

Interested in a rewarding career in the field of behavior analysis & therapy?

About CBA

Direct Support Professionals (DSP), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), Behavior Support Specialists (BSS), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) & BCBA Clinical Supervisors are welcome to submit inquiries for pre-interview surveys. CBA’s interview process is intensive contact us for more info if you qualify. There are 4 phases to complete an application.

Multiple candidate testing tasks and activities are involved as well as FBI, State, Drug, Local and Traffic (DUI) screenings, registry checks, multiple reference checks and surveys completed. All the pre-checks are conducted before the 2nd interview, employment assessment and 90-day on-the-job-training if the candidates’ pass the initial 4 phase application process.

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