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Our Story

CBA was the first agency to provide behavior analysis & therapy services & a trademarked parent & caretaker training program within a community-based model, delivered by BCBAs, in Kentucky (™ RST 2000).

Jason Simmons in the sole founding member of CBA, he couldn’t have developed the company without his wife Robin Simmons who supported every step along the way… She eventually moved out of Special Education to take a leadership position with the company in 2006. At that time, there were no behavior analysis & therapy agencies providing ABA services in this region of the country. Jason began providing behavior services for families in Texas, Florida, Indiana and Kentucky who struggled with autism or the most severe forms of challenging behavior (i.e., self-injurious behavior or “SIB”). In the beginning he provided behavior analysis & therapy services at an ICF/MR in Texas and then, at a local psychiatric hospital in Kentucky while seeing his own community participants after hours. This was the very beginning of community-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in the state of Kentucky. No other Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) were in this community providing ABA services during that time period and there were fewer than 10 BCBAs throughout the entire state, all of them were employed at ICF/MRs, hospitals or other institutions (none were in the community). His desire to help individuals who engaged in severe forms of challenging behavior, helped allow thousands of participants acquire necessary skills to go back to school or work. Many clients were able to avoid institutionalization and ultimately, they were able to begin contributing to their own communities in very meaningful ways. Eventually, CBA served more than 3500+ participants and currently employs over 80+ professional staff members across the state of Kentucky…

CBA is the first organization in Kentucky to provide in-home and community-based ABA services from a scientist-practitioner model based on the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)’s criteria. In the year 2000 there were only 3000 BCBAs in the world. Today there are more than 30,000. Our services included BCBAs who provided direct 1:1 and supervised tier models of service to the broader community. CBA developed (a) the first community-based BCBA supervision fieldwork program, (b) employed the first set of community-based BCBAs in Kentucky, as well as (c) a small Verbal Behavior (VB) clinic in Germantown, Kentucky. CBA’s specialization in assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders, autism treatment programs and community-based natural environment teaching (NET) created it’s staunch reputation state-wide for over nearly two decades. CBA continues to specializes in providing these intervention programs, development of functional skill sets (i.e., language, functional communication, social, academic, life and vocational) as well as, idiosyncratic ones, to meet the unique needs of participants without limiting services to one set of learners based on diagnoses or age.

In 2006, our services were expanded throughout the South Texas region of the country where we opened the first Verbal Behavior (VB) Clinic in that region of Texas. CBA provided quality ABA, SLP, DSP, Classroom & Teacher Training, multiple school district consultations and ICF/MR contractual services for over 7 years. During that time CBA received multiple provider achievement awards for excellent quality services and innovative contributions to community-based providers from the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG). CBA services in South Texas were completed in March 2012. Our focus since then has been development of high quality behavior service across the state of Kentucky. Our love for Louisville, KY pulled us back here in 2011. While working in Texas Jason and his wife Robin had a daughter born with Lissencephaly. Caring for a medically fragile child of your own while managing regular day-to-day life, in-home therapy schedules and the chaos created from daily crises, taught us more than we ever learned in college about the nature of community-based services.

Therefore, we were able to further develop user-friendly and rapidly effective models of treatment  based on our own experiences. In 2008, together we developed RAPID Skills Training (RST) within a framework consistent with principles of ABA. RST is a formal trademarked behavior analysis & therapy program that provides critical interaction skills to parents, teachers and caretakers. RST was intentionally designed to be extremely user-friendly to maximize outcomes for individuals with various behavior disorders. The RST training and treatment format are conducive to any individual who participates in the life of a loved one, who needs intensive ABA intervention.

The importance of intervening when the family functions either as a unified or divided unit is elucidated through our developmental models of service, guided buy professional training, supervision and depth of experience. Being provided the opportunity to care for our daughter diagnosed with Lissencephaly changed the nature of how we provide in-home and community-based services but, it did not change the scientific principles that inform them.

Currently, CBA opened the first “Center for Behavior Analysis” in this region of the country in 2018.

We’re implementing a mission and vision based on the same values that helped form the company nearly 20 years ago. Louisville is now their adopted home town, they’ve always been pulled back here because of the supportive communities, developmental disability intelligence, friendly people and encouraging culture… Unique opportunities, quality services for brain-based neurological disorders and access to a quality of life they preferred for their three daughters, made it easy for “The Simmons” family to remain in Louisville…