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Check out the benefits of the Kentucky Medicaid Waiver called “Michelle P Waiver” (MPW). The Benefits are incredible, Our professionals Kentucky Positive Behavior Support (PBS) professionals staff who work directly with hundreds of parents/caretakers, through a coaching model. In the video they describe what it’s like working in Medicaid Waivers, the value of our mistakes, failures and the inevitabilities of high rate errors, when learning from new experience is priceless. Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) & Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) together are practiced with parents & caretakers out front…

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Our board certified, licensed, supervised BCBA coaching professionals in Kentucky, currently providing Positive Behavior Support (PBS), are ready to coach you through learning the five critical RAPID Skill Training components. All at your own pace, on your time, through TeleHealth or face-to-face… right in your living room!

Our professionals staff work directly with hundreds of parents/caretakers, through a coaching model.

In the video they describe what it’s like working in Medicaid Waivers and outline the value of mistakes, failures and the inevitabilities of high rate errors when learning about new experience ~ priceless!

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) & Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) together are practiced with parents & caretakers as our number one partner. Collaboration is key to successful outcomes and a better quality of life!

CBA is a family owned and operated clinical practice, for nearly 25 years now. We’ve learned about the challenges both personally and professionally when expected to take care of it all, everything. We’ve incorporated systems within the service model that focus on your happiness and quality of life. Our trademarked Rapid Skills Training (RST) program is fit for any caretaker, at any level, and you move at your own pace in a user-friendly, 5 skills based learning format so you have time to be with your loved ones in the absence of punitive or aversive “training programs”. We view this program more as a coaching and mentorship approach and your happiness and joy in life is priority!

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Working on behalf of our families & staff for a better quality of life!

As parents ourselves of a child with diagnosed with Lissencephaly. Regular, daily tasks can become overwhelming. The stress of everything weighs extra-heavy on families caring for a loved one struggling with changing their behavior. even the “term” behavior supports sounds clinical and terse. So, over 20+ years we have deconstructed the literature, pulling from the best research, and breaking everything down into small, user-friendly components. Our PBS services are consistent with principles of Applied Behavioral Sciences, designed & created by & for parents & caretakers; so that it’s consumable, easy to learn and most importantly ~ effective towards your families needs, wants and goals.PBS services assist individuals by providing the minimum amount of services necessary to obtain the highest level of personal growth, improvement, and independence. CBA’s values are based on quality of service, person-centered principles, and evidence-based intervention. We approach services for each person in the context of their own lives and assist them in attaining a life they value, not what other’s value or “think” is valuable for them, allowing us to address the individual’s wants and needs immediately. We ensure that any attempt to improve behavior must also include protection of that person’s constitutional, statutory, and human rights. We administer positive behavior change strategies that improve the quality of life for the individual and their families, incorporating gentle actions that absolutely minimize the need for any restrictive, punitive, or physical interventions. PBS services are provided by a Masters Level Clinician (MLC) under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Kentucky Medicaid Waiver | Positive Behavior Supports | Parent/Caretaker Coaching |In Kentucky Is On Fire For Parents/Caretakers Today!

Michelle P Waiver | MPW | Designed For Children & Adults Living At Home ~ Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Positive Behavior Supports (ASAT Link On PBS)
  • Day Training
  • Environmental and Minor Home Adaptation
  • Personal Care
  • Respite

SCL | Designed For Adult’s Not Living At Home ~ Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptation
  • Vehicle Adaptation
  • Personal Assistance
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Residential Support Services

ABI | Designed for Adults Experiencing Barriers Related To Acquired Brain Injury ~ Services include but are not limited to: 

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) waiver: The ABI waiver is for adults with an acquired brain injury who can benefit from intensive rehabilitation services. The services are designed to assist participants in re-entering the community and functioning independently. 

Acquired Brain Injury Long Term Care (ABI LTC) waiver: The ABI LTC waiver is for adults with an acquired brain injury who have reached a plateau in their rehabilitation level. They require maintenance services to live safely in the community. 

  • Adult Day Training
  • Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Environmental and Minor Home Modifications
  • Respite
  • Supervised Residential Care (ABI LTC Only)
  • Companion Services (ABI only)
  • Personal Care (ABI) or Community Living Supports (ABI LTC)
  • Nursing Supports (ABI LTC only)

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) are provided to children and adults. We provide PBS services in a variety of settings for families with access to positive behavior support planning, staff coaching and support services through evidence based methods, within KY Medicaid Waivers. PBS utilizes an informal functional assessment to develop a positive behavior support plan that identifies functions of behavior disorders and environmental strategies to reduce significant problem behavior. The severity of challenging behaviors typically causes interference with a participant’s activities of daily living, social interaction, or vocation. The positive behavior support plan will be trained with the individual learner (if appropriate), all primary caregivers, and staff. These evidence-based strategies guide caretakers through the process of developing alternative replacement skills through natural-environment teaching procedures. Caretakers learn new strategies for how to respond when challenging behaviors occur, thereby reducing the frequency of problem behaviors.

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) describes PBS as support aims to decrease potentially problematic behavior by enhancing an individual’s lifestyle, making environmental changes, and teaching new skills rather than focusing directly on reducing the problem behavior. Research with individuals with autism indicates that positive behavior support (PBS) programs decrease some problem behaviors. Some investigators (Carr & Sidener, 2005; Johnston et.al., 2006) regard PBS as a form of Functional Behavior Assessment and intervention (see “Functional Behavior Assessment/Analysis”), while others view it as a separate intervention approach altogether or as somewhat separate from behavior analysis (Dunlap et al., 2008, ).

PBS Research, Social Validity & Systematic Reviews:

Positive behavior support may be an effective intervention. Additional research is needed on its use specifically with individuals with autism who have a wide range of problem behavior and to determine whether it is the same as or different from standard Function Behavior Assessment/Analysis procedures and well established behavior analytic treatment methods.

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