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Marketing & Social Media at Clinical Behavior Analysis Amazing Journey

Marketing & Social Media Hapiness

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Happiness is elusive at work often times. At times, everyone can relate to the feeling of complete apathy. It might overcome you as you fall into a pattern of safe monotony in your life. Our day-to-day routines become robotic and uninspiring. You need excitement; a slight change or anything risky and exciting before the madness sets into this insistence on sameness. All of this, we have in life, to live for, and we still look back and wonder, ‘did I accomplished anything?’ So I looked back on my own life. Just one lonely year ago, there I was, not enjoying my 52-week year of working late hours and only viewing my projects as a means to an end.

I was becoming complacent, and simply living for the weekend. And there you are standing right beside me, someone, one of you is there with me… and there we were, laughing and smiling with a fake grin; cringing and wondering when that if something could come to satisfy us, it should find us now! Something please come and take me to that special place; wherever that is. I wasn’t following my heart; my internal guidance system (“my gut”) said… this isn’t leading me to happiness. Life was passing me by, and I barely even knew it. I was starting to figure out that happiness isn’t a tangible object, it’s a lifestyle.

Something inside of me changed. I realized that any meaningful change in my life had to be driven by me, for happiness. I was the creator of my own destiny and reality. I couldn’t sit still with the ever-growing feeling of dissatisfaction. The path of least resistance was no longer the path for me. I decided one day to break the chains binding my self-limiting beliefs to my own mind and take control of my life. The shift in my life began to happen quite suddenly when I overheard a fellow coworker discussing the company’s upcoming marketing efforts. They needed someone to help increase their digital marketing presence!

This was my chance, and indeed a signal from the universe. I quickly leaped for the opportunity to help, and began doing whatever it took to become noticed. I wanted to get the opportunity to show them what I could do. During the following months, I began researching countless marketing methods and tactics and began helping my current employer’s marketing endeavors, and what do you know! I’m learning this stuff on my own, and am enjoying it along the way.

My big break eventually came later in the year when I was offered a position as a Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Clinical Behavior Analysis CBA. For someone who was looking for a career shift, this was a perfect opportunity for me. I could mix my current knowledge of marketing, and with an open mind, I would definitely learn new things. I had no idea just how much I would learn from the professionals at CBA.

On my first day, I knew this was a company I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to go the extra mile to provide them a solid foundation for their social media. I could feel the warmness and compassion from everyone working in the office. I had never even heard of the term “Applied Behavior Analysis”, or ABA for that matter. As someone who enjoys to self-educate on the subject of psychology, I thought that I would have a clear understanding of most concepts, but I was absolutely wrong! In less than 2 months, I’ve been absorbing information like a sponge, and my perspective on human beings has changed for the better. I’ve gone from managing CBA social media accounts, to becoming immersed in the field of ABA.

The most impactful and eye opening perspective that I’ve gained from working here is that all of my coworkers enjoy their occupations. I feel so fortunate to be around people who are so passionate about their work, and it has rubbed off on me in several aspects of my own life. To be around people who aren’t just working for the weekend, or the extra profit, has completely shifted my paradigm in terms of what it means to love the work I can do. In the past I thought this was a sentiment only echoed by people who somehow “got lucky” in life. If you are reading this, and ever felt like I did, just know that hard work and a positive mindset can take you to heights you never thought were ever achievable.

If you found this interesting or feel like you might be a good fit at CBA, check out the careers we have available by emailing Cba@CbaCares.com

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Kraus


Registered Behavior Technician RBT or Behavior Tech

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