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Registered Behavior Technician

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We’re Hiring in New Albany, Indiana & Louisville, Lexington, Florence, Owensboro Kentucky

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OUR LOCATIONS: Louisville (main), Lexington, Florence & Owensboro , Kentucky & New Albany, Indiana. Urgent need for “Registered Behavior Technicians” (RBT) & “Behavior Technicians” (BT); if not an RBT review Kentucky’s State occupational licensing requirements for non-registered behavior technicians, who operate under BCBA/LBA supervision with approved supervision plans  {ie, Behavior Technicians are listed as “Supervise(es)} Kentucky KRS 319C.060}. RBT credentialing requirements can be found here: https://www.BACB.com. As rates of C-19 continue to decrease in this region of the country! Our staff remain diligent with CDC recommendations across the board. Also seeking Community Clinical Supervisor BCBA/LBAs | Board Certified Behavior Analysts/BCBA | Behavior Support Specialists/BSS as well as RBTs & BTs! Click ONLINE Preliminary APPLICATION (click me) and see all the job postings available! Qualified Candidates Can APPLY right now by clicking on either link above… These positions aren’t contracted 1099/positions. We offer nationally competitive, comprehensive employee benefits & compensation packages to eligible candidates who seek full-time W2 employment. Qualified candidates click “APPLICATION (click me)” link and apply today! We are looking forward to your submissions!

Louisville, Kentucky

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Mission & Core Values

The Core Values listed below were designed by families and partners that know who we are and what we represent. They are based on how our community views us, our services and how we administer our business. Including our community in our ongoing development is not only important to us, we believe it’s crucial if you want to make a meaningful difference.

Genuinely Supportive
Individuals and families have enough on their plates without having to concern themselves with the opinions of others. We create a judgment-free environment in which participants and families feel welcomed and understood. We offer encouragement, lend a sympathetic ear when needed, and work to address any concerns head-on.

Our ability to care for our clients in a timely manner puts them at ease
and sets us apart. We know the journey to improved quality of life can be overwhelming, which is why we take the time to listen, recognize concerns and put together a plan of action with a healthy sense of urgency. Once the plan is in place, we are hands-on throughout the process, making ourselves available, obtaining feedback, and adjusting accordingly.

We are lifelong learners who create lifelong change for our participants. We are constantly evolving in order to develop and offer the most
effective services possible. A systematic approach to intervention services allows for consistency in the application of our findings, which we’ve accumulated through years of research and experience. We are organized and disciplined in our work, enabling us to build on the strengths of our participants and achieve positive outcomes.

The families we serve entrust us with their most valuable and vulnerable loved ones. We don’t take that lightly. It’s not easy, but we never cut corners or undermine our ethical practice guidelines. Instead, we always do the right thing. We are honored to be able to help our participants and their families and we won’t jeopardize that honor. We work diligently and meticulously to provide the highest quality of care with the highest level of integrity so our participants can live with dignity and respect.

We meet individuals and their families when their lives are in a state of uncertainty. Part of our mission is to bring peace and stability into their lives. That’s why at CBA when we say we’re going to do something, we do whatever it takes to do it. We hold ourselves accountable to reinforce our relationship with and commitment to the individuals, families and case managers we serve.