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When You Work Alongside Passion, the Content Creates Itself

Michael Kraus

Blogger, Vlogger, Podcast-Connoisseur, Marketing & Advertising, Content Manager at CBA

CBA Blog Volume #4

Creativity is an intangible force, in which the abstract is channeled through one’s mind and is expressed in the concrete. Whether this creative spark is borrowed or created is debatable, but one thing that is not is the fact that creativity is driven by energy. Energy is what moves the world around us, and without it we would have never been able to intellectually evolve. This movement of the intangible is a source that is either kinetic or potential. What drives this energy in motion is based upon the catalyst that is elevating the vibration of the energy. Passion is a powerful catalyst to energy and has been an integral part of the creative mind since the dawn of humankind.

Creating digital content can sometimes be a tricky task. What medium should be utilized to get this message out? How should I mesh my imagination with the intellectual property of the the company’s mission? These are all questions that must be taken into consideration when a digital marketer and social media specialist is trying to create the most optimum content for their employer. Never mind the execution of the objective; the creation of the content can sometimes be the more challenging part of any project. However, when you work in a passionate work environment, the content creates itself, which allows for more mental allotment for creative production.

Working with CBA has been an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to meshing passion and creativity. As a budding new digital marketer, I feel like I’ve found the perfect company to work with. Working alongside those in Applied Behavior Analysis has been extremely interesting in the since that there is an analytical approach to helping others that is driven by passion, kindness and empathy. When you work around people like this, it really elevates your energy levels and helps push forward the creative process.

I’ve been really fortunate to work with very friendly and knowledgeable people at CBA. Because of this, I’ve been able to raise my game when it comes to creating content. My coworkers are extremely passionate about their work, and are almost always willing to help out and collaborate to create the best content possible. Since we have been creating more video content as of late, I’ve had fellow coworkers really step up to help me create informative and personable videos.

Working alongside my CBA coworkers has been absolute blast and blessing. We’ve been able to have awesome filming sessions, solely based upon the fact that they were willing to get in front of the camera to share their knowledge and passion for Applied Behavior Analysis. Whether they are giving a description of what they do on a day-to-day basis, or if they are telling their favorite story about a participant, their passion and enthusiasm shines through. This, in return, makes my job much easier when it comes to the production of the actual content.

If we look at what our end goal is, as to what we create this content in the first place; we arrive at the fact that we are wanting to capture the attention of the viewer, through promoting the positive aspects of CBA and its employees, as well as getting out the best message possible. CBA is a unique company and brand, in the sense that we are driven be an open-minded and compassionate leadership team who wants to see the brand and its employees grow. The byproduct of this is happiness amongst its employees, which allows them to do their best work. It’s all making sense now; yes. The creative nature within us is driven by passion and energy, and because of that, CBA is really able to grow.