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Tommy Nguyen

Team Leader

Tommy has many experiences in the Social Work field, administration, and has taken on many leadership roles. Tommy worked as a full time social work intern at a local elementary and middle school. He spent most of his time at the school meeting with clients, providing therapy, practicing case management, and helping with administrators in the office. Meanwhile, Tommy was still able to work as a lead receptionist at his family business, he gained a lot of experience with customer service, maintaining employees and supplies.

During Tommy’s undergraduate experience, Tommy became President of a student organization known as “VSA”. He chartered the new student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee building the organization from the ground up.Through all of his work and professional experiences, Tommy learned that he really enjoys working with a team. Tommy loves what he does because he feels that his work will benefit people that are in need and his social work background taught him so. He loves to be the leader in his work and he loves to take the initiative among his peers. Tommy believes in advocating for his clients, his organization, and for himself.

Tommy is new to the scene here in Louisville. During his free time, he is most likely exploring the city. He likes to try out new restaurants with friends and family. Tommy also volunteers at a local church on Sundays and is a youth group leader where is is able to teach younger kids and give back to the community.Tommy really enjoys relaxing at home and binge-watching the latest shows on Netflix.

Tommy has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Awarded Dean’s List and Lawton Scholarship. Mandated Reporting Training Certified.


Bachelors of Social Work