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Rachael Williams-Hale

Team Leader

Rachael has been interested in the world of mental health since a young age. ABA became a primary interest when she became a Registered Behavioral Therapist working with children with autism. She is always seeking to understand more ways that ABA therapy can help people! As a Team Leader, Rachael follows the needs of the client, the vision of CBA leadership, and the strengths of the extremely qualified behavioral analysis team that is CBA. Rachael believes in leading others through self-leadership, and that ultimately, team success is only achieved by listening to her team, having open communication, and keeping the focus on making the world a better place for people no matter their challenges.

In Rachael’s spare time, she enjoys playing with her cat and collecting house plants! She also enjoys traveling both nationally and globally. She loves being exposed to new experiences, cultures, and foods!

She received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in chemistry at the University of Louisville.


Bachelor of Science