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Lynn Calvert

Business Office Manager

Lynn began her career as an Accountant/Auditor for a CPA firm in Corbin, Kentucky. With over 20 years of accounting experience, Lynn branched out into Account Management and Operational Specialist roles, rounding out a complete understanding of business operations. She has worked in both small businesses and large corporate situations, managing accounting processes, SOX procedures and documentation. She was also a consultant taking two large companies from manual accounting processes and bringing them on to full accounting softwares while developing financial statements and setting up accounting procedures.

In Lynn’s spare time, she is a published author, writing psychological crime thrillers. She lives on a farm with her husband, Eric, four dogs, five cats, tons of rabbits, chickens, goats and a donkey. Lynn has three children, Emily (Stephen), Aaron (Michaela), and Becca, and one grandson, Max.