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Emalee Aldridge

Behavior Support Specialist

Emalee has been working as an RBT for four years and developed a passion for working with individuals with autism on day one in the field. Watching people progress in their goals, gain more functional communication, and learn how to be independent and advocate for themselves brings a light to her life. She loves working alongside individuals with disabilities to help them find their independence and find their own voice. Emalee hopes to help the rest of the world understand the beautiful uniqueness of people with autism, and make the world a more understanding and accepting place for all.

In her free time, Emalee enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts, hiking on trails throughout different parts of the US, traveling, trying new foods, and doing yoga. She hopes to become a yoga teacher and offer classes that are accessible to everyone and learn how meditation can be utilized for behavioral relaxation techniques for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis