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Louisville, Kentucky

What Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Services Do We Provide In Louisville, Kentucky?

Kentucky’s Michelle P Medicaid Waiver (aka MPW) and The Supports for Community Living (SCL) Medicaid Waiver behavior services are paramount. Individuals diagnosed with a developmental, pervasive or related brain-based delay or neurological condition (i.e., IDD, ABI or Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD) access 99% of the offered behavior services within the state of Kentucky!

In-Home, School, Community-Based & Onsite Full Service Autism Center Providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Positive Behavior Support (PBS), Some Counseling and related Behavioral-Health Medicaid Waiver Services are available through their Medicaid Waiver, assigned case management services provider. See provider directory here: FULL List Of MPW Providers/Jefferson County MPW Directory!

At CBA and our Southern Indiana cohort, Individualized-ABA, offer Center-Based autism and behavior services for individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of autism. According to the Kentucky State Autism Mandate (2010) a confirmed diagnosis is required for most commercial insurance coverage. Center-Based ABA services are provided for individuals aged 2-12 years old with a diagnosis of ASD.

Community-based behavior services are provided to a variety of individuals regardless of diagnosis or age, based on the individuals challenging behavior or barriers to living a quality life.

Barriers that could prevent them from remaining in their own communities. Kentucky Medicaid Waivers, MCO(s) and some insurance carriers provide funding for services called Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) within community-based behavior services like the: Michelle P Waiver through Kentucky Medicaid  (MPW), Supports for Community Living (SCL), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Kentucky’s Contracted MCO(s), Anthem, Humana & UBH/Optum.

Therefore, these Community-Based Medicaid Waiver Programs in Kentucky are much more flexible and diverse, offering a wide variety of different and necessary services, including broader behavior services for individuals diagnosed with autism and intellectual, developmental disabilities or acquired brain injury.

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Full Service Autism Center & Community-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Program(s) (aka “ABA”

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An Introduction To “What Is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (aka “ABA”) Anyway”?

ABA is a scientific, applied science developed from decades of research which evolved into the practice and humanistic practice or therapeutic approach which focuses on learning principles; that explain how, when, why and where learning takes place under the best and vice-versa teaching environments. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When behavior is followed by individualized rewards it is more likely to be repeated in the future. ABA therapy utilizes intensive teaching methods that produce meaningful changes in student performance, non-social and social behavior. This therapeutic approach uses scientifically valid treatments to gain significant changes in behavior for the individual. Understanding the therapeutic concepts behind ABA includes six key components.

  1. ABA is guided by the attitudes and methods of scientific inquiry
  2. All procedures are described and implemented in a systematic, technological manner
  3. Not all means of changing behavior qualify as ABA; only those derived from the basic principles of behavior
  4. Focus on socially significant behavior
  5. Meaningful improvement in important behavior
  6. Analyze the factors responsible for improvement
Presenter: Christina Low Kapalu, PhD
Children’s Mercy Kansas City

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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (aka “ABA”) In Louisville, KY

Michelle P Waiver ~ SCL ~ ABI ~ Commercial Ins ~ Private Pay ~ KY MCO(s)

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